peanut butter cookie dough bites

full of rich peanut butter,studded with chocolate chips and ready in minutes, these peanut butter cookie dough bites are a a no-bake take on the classic peanut butter cookie!

peanut.butter.cookie.dough.bites.  yum.

it seems like nearly every food blog out there has an energy bite/ball of some type, and of course l.s. is no exception, but these are not those bites. these are little morsels of peanut butter cookie bliss, only meant to be eaten raw.  no raw eggs to think of & no baking time.  just pure goodness.   

when i was a kid it seemed like we only had peanut butter cookies at christmas.  or when my mom would buy nutter butters.  ahhh nutter butters.  so tasty, so filled with bad ingredients... but still so tasty... ok wait, where was i?  right.  peanut butter cookies.  i, however, feel no need to reserve them for the holidays.  we have peanut butter year-round, so why not cookies?  

h & i have a chocolate chip cookie dough bite recipe that we absolutely adore, and have in the freezer pretty much all the time.  perfect for a quick little snack here and there throughout the day, or with some (banana) ice cream... those chocolate chip cookie dough bites are so easy, and taste so much like a classic, baked chocolate chip cookie that we immediately thought peanut butter cookie bites!  genius! and the rest is cookie-bite history. 

these bites come together in a snap.  they use a handful of ingredients that are pantry staples - peanut butter, vanilla, oats - and store in the freezer.  really, there's no reason to not make these. let's get to it!

recipe: peanut butter cookie dough bites


  • 1/4 c peanut butter - we use the natural kind, but any will work. 
  • 1/2 c oat flour (oats ground into flour)
  • 2 - 4 tbsp pure maple syrup
  •  1 tsp vanilla
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • mini chocolate chips - optional


  1. in a large bowl, mix the oat flour and salt.  
  2. add in the peanut butter, 2 tbsp maple syrup and vanilla.  stir to combine.  if the mixture is too dry and not sticking together, add more maple syrup, 1 tbsp at a time, until the mixture holds together.
  3. if you're adding the chocolate chips, now's the time.
  4. form the dough into small balls, somewhere between the size of a large marble and a golf ball - or whatever size you prefer!
  5. place on a cookie sheet (or plate) in the freezer until solid.
  6. remove from the freezer and transfer the bites to a freezer safe plastic bag or container.  
  7. enjoy!