who we are...

hi!  we're sarah & helena - lovers of all things food, travel and adventure.

together we play in the kitchen and travel the world, discovering & learning about new ingredients, cuisines & cultures. 

most of all, we have fun in the kitchen - making messes, delicious dishes & memories.

little spoons...

little spoons was born out of our mutual love for all things food & cooking - and a desire to share that with other families.  we hope that our recipes, personal experiences & travel tips will inspire you to get in the kitchen - or out in the world - with your little ones.  

cooking with kids can seem like a daunting task, and at times it can be, but it is also incredibly rewarding - and the benefits far outweigh the occasional frustration!  when kids get in the kitchen & are able to have a hand - literally - in whatever recipe they might be making, they are much more willing to try new dishes & explore different flavors. added to that, the kitchen is a great classroom - science, math, language & culture all play a part in nearly every recipe.  

we believe that being in the kitchen with kids, and travelling with them, are some of the best things you can do - for the little ones & for yourself.  

so go explore the world of food with your kids - you're in for a lifetime of delicious adventures!


thank you for visiting little spoons!   

please contact us about anything - cooking with kids, questions, comments, recipes you'd like to see or share...

simply comment on posts or email us at littlespooncooks@gmail.com.

your thoughts are very important - we'd love to hear from you! 



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